Metal Cutting Cold Sawblade for high-efficiency cutting steel

WTH  Sawblade

Purpose: Cutting medium and high carbon steel

Suitable equipment: high precision metal circular saw machine

V= 70 m/min ~ 120 m/min

Sz=0.035 mm ~ 0.070 mm

Cutting material: C % > 0.40% structure with carbon cable steel, structure with alloy steel, special steel (except stainless steel, heat-resistant steel) cutting

Tool head material: carbide (+ coating)

Features: unique coating technology, with defect resistance and wear resistance, cutting high carbon steel with stable service life and good cutting quality.


From Raw Material incoming to products shipment, we manage every step of the manufacturing process to insure products are made to the clients specifications, All products have to go through 4 checks in the whole process:

1.Raw material inspection
2.In processing inspection
3.Final inspection
4.Outgoing inspection

Mental cutting cold Sawblades



3.Outer Raker

4.Inner Raker

5.6.7.Expansion Slot(Hole)

8.Key Way

9.Cooling Element


12.Slience Slot

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